Sunday, May 20, 2012

On The Go....

Life has been busy round these parts! It always seems like everything important falls all within 2 weeks so you get run ragged! Nevertheless, life is full, happy and fun!
I thought I might show you a few pics of things I have made recently, am making or am going to make! I have quite a few crafting projects on the go these days!

Little girls handbag! Isnt it devine. So easy to make too which makes me happy!

I tried one of the new crochet sandal pattern I got during the week. It turned out ok, Im not overly happy with it, but will make the changes I think it needs and then hopefully next week, post a complete pair!

I also started some "Pirate Bunting" which will be about 8 different flag designs with some felt images sewn onto some of the flags. I cant wait to finish these, I think they are going to look really great!

I have also started making a quilt for our baby girl. These are the squares just cut out which I took last week but since then they are all sewn together and am on to the next step this week. I will do a more detailed post on quilting when I finish work as I figured since I am learning how to quilt, someone else may want to know how too!

I love being creative. Brings so much joy to my life....Im sure those creative ones out there agree! If you dont feel you are creative, I think EVERYONE can be creative, you just have to find something that interests you and get going!

Have a fab week, this is my LAST week of work before maternity leave so you can only imagine how exited I am!


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