Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Owls and Hats!

Hubs and I arrived home today from a wonderful Easter long weekend away with my family. The weather was exquisite - clear, blue sunny skies, the afternoons breezy and relaxing and the company top notch!
While away, the nights were very quiet so I had time to get into some hand stitching and crochet. I normally shy away from the hand stitching kind of work and use my machine, but I actually found I enjoyed it! I also found some time to complete two more crochet hats (which are way too cute!) Here are some pics:

This is my gorgeous niece Indianna..I made a crohet hat with brim and used a string of silk flowers I had on hand to decorate the top and give it the girly look..

I am loving this cute little hat on her!

Ok, now for my hand stitching!

A cute little boy and girl owl...

I am really loving pinks and reds at the moment!

I also tried my hand at this cute little owl hat...

Size 1-2..cute hey!

Ok that's it for me now, I've got a million things to go and then off to work tomorrow! (I am totally counting down - only 2 and a bit months to go and then I am off work to go have this baby! Yew!)

Ciao friends

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