Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hello Little Bunny!

What a beautiful weekend it has been here in our neck of the woods! We spent a delightful Saturday wandering around the Southern Highlands where I treated myself to some amazing vintage fabric (in particular a 1960's paisley that is going to go into a crocheted blanket with fabric squares that is going to be amazing!)
I do however have to show you today a new cute bunny! I have this idea of making some different bunny families (after all, who doesn't love bunnies!?????) I have one on the sewing table that is going to be "Mama Bunny" complete with apron and specs! Going to be sooooo cute!
Anyway, I did finish what I am refering to as "Sassy Bunny" she is in all her cuteness!

I love her colours, just so pretty yet not too pink...

Such a cute, friendly little face!

I decided to add some ric rac to the base but couldn't quite find a cute flower, so I combined two of the most lovely pink colours and made my own flower..

Gorgeous little ears finished off with a double ric rac bow.

Don't you just love her! I can't wait to add to her little family. I think Mama Bunny might be next.

We have a busy week here so must be off!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Where did the Weekend Go?

I have one of those all too familiar Sunday night feelings. After a relaxing nana nap on the lounge this afternoon, then a delicious roast dinner especially cooked by hubs, I am now relaxing on the lounge..A feeling of slight dread comes over me and then it hits....the weekend is over! Why do the weekends go so fast and the weeks go so slllooooowwwww..??? age old question that will never be answered I think!!!

We have had a busy weekend here but I found time to finish up these cute sailboat rattles!

I decided to add the ribbons for a sensory affect...I triple triple stitched them in!!

Cute aren't they??? They are super easy to make so I have a few more in different shades of orange, blue, red and yellow. I also found a vintage sailboat embroided motif at a market yesterday which I might stitch onto the front of one. 
I added a flat circular rattle inside them so it makes a great rattle sound but it is also a soft and cuddly toy without having to feel the rattle if it gets squeezed.

On the most recent long weekend I was privileged to be part of a Art Exhibition in our local area focusing on Art and Textile items. I had a few pieces go in that I had made and was overwhelmed at the amount of people that were there on the opening night. It is so great to see the local creative talent of so many people celebrated. I am part of  Springwood Creative Arts Centre, which was started some 30 years ago to help the community recover from the ravaging effects of summer bushfires. Creativity is well documented to help people recover from tragedy and cope with difficult situations in life. I was so proud to be part of such a thriving community organisation. I took a few pics on the night...

The little kids clothes are some I made..excuse the slightly dopey look on my face, I had day surgery earlier on in the day and was still wayyyy too sleepy to be out in public!

I love this edging, it was so beautifully done...

There was so many more to look at, I will post some of the art at a later time.

Have a good week, hubs and I are off on a beach getaway this week, so we are MEGA excited! Only 4 days of work left! 


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bug and Monkey - Weird Sentence????

Hi friends! Sincerest apologies for the lack of blogging but real life has taken all my attention and effort as of late!
It has been a fabulous extra long weekend for us here and apart from it being cold and rainy, we have had lots of fun, rest and time together.
I feel like I have alot of projects to blog about so I will do that over the next few blog let's get started!

Cute Monkey:

Isn't he cute!!!

A really simple face but oh-so cute!

I really loved the fabric I chose for his body...

It is a really good size for little people, easy to hug and hold and extra light to carry around by the body, hand, leg or tail!

I also made this beetle...

It certainly isn't my favourite toy I have ever made but I do think he is cute in a beetle kind of way!
I ended up stuffing the legs but I could envision the legs being made of different materials that could be used by little ones as a sensory comforter.

I was also really privileged to be part of an art exhibition this weekend for painted and textile artworks. I had a few of my works displayed and it was so much fun!!! I will put those pics up on the blog in my next post, I have been so busy I haven't even got the pics off the camera yet!!

Must go, hubs is wanting to settle down for the night and watch a movie...snuggles on the lounge? Count me in!!