Sunday, May 29, 2011

Something for Me!!

Since I began knitting/sewing/crocheting I have barely made anything for myself. Most of my creations tend to go to loved ones, in particular, the special little people in my life and the life of others through my orders. I have only really made myself a crochet blanket (which is my staunch companion on afternoon snoozes on the lounge..) and am nearly finished a huge blanket for our bed that will go on the foot of our bed and can pulled up for some good old woolly warmth. To this end, I decided I needed a quick project for myself to put some balance back.
This is what I came up with...

A cute crochet headband! It took my barely anytime to write it up and put it together..

I wanted some warm colours and I love this colour palette together...

I love the band part of the design...nice and simple, yet it looks so pretty!

I just made two really simple little flowers to embellish, I didn't want them to be too big

It ties simply at the base of the head and can be any length or tightness you desire. It won't get tangled, knotted or stuck. Perfect for someone like me with stacks of hair!

I quickly worked it up while watching Grey's Anatomy the other night. Easy peasy!

I also wanted to share with you how beautiful our front yard looks at the moment. It is full of red autumn leaves as our front maple tree has started to drop it's leaves. During the late afternoon, when the sun shines in, it is just so relaxing to sit and look with a nice hot cup of tea...

The leaves are the perfect amount of "crunchy" and I love walking through them!!! (I know I know, it's a childish pastime but it's still fun!)

That's it for now...enjoy your week and don't forgot to stop and look at the Autumn beauty!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Fun Type of Weekend...

Hellooooooo dear friends! It has been a whirlwind weekend full of birthday parties, lovely family time, afternoon siestas and food, food and more food!
To begin with, we celebrated my niece's 2nd birthday party. It was a lovely warm afternoon and we sat and basked in the sun and chatted, ate, watched the kids play and generally caught up with family. It was soooo good. You might remember that I made a Babushka for her went down well!


I also decided to make her a little "dress up" necklace.. it was made in a hurry but I thought it was mega cute. I am writing a couple of patterns at the moment for both little and big girl crochet bead necklaces. They are going to be so nice!!

so easy to make..a braided wool cord, two cute little strawberries, and some round balls filled with toy stuffing and you are done! Add two sweet little ribbons for extra cute effect.


The necklace is so too big for her but thats what dress ups are for. I will try to get some up here next week that are the right size for little ones.

My sister's brother in law welcomed a new little one into the world this week so she asked me if I could whip up a special little hat. Here is what I came up with...

Considering the weather is getting really cold I added cute little ear flaps to keep little ears nice and warm..

Added a ruffled flower for fun..

Crochet cords finish it off to tie under a little chin..

I have been having fun playing around with my photos this afternoon, adding different effects and what not. I am thinking that I need to get photoshop so I can delve a little deeper! The website I used is: Photo Effects

It was also husband's 35th birthday today! We went out for a lovely dinner last night , breakfast this morning with family and we are about to have a roast dinner tonight. I think I need to not eat for the next week!

Hope you have a fab week and can find some time to be creative somewhere in your week..

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Babushka Love

Hi friends! This week has flown by awfully quick (probably all the shivering we have done with the recent cold snap!) I feel like I haven't been able to get warm all week unless I set up camp directly in front of the heater (thank goodness for gas heating so I don't have to worry too much about the cost!) We have had quite the lazy weekend this weekend, just catching up with odd jobs around the house, sleeping in, gardening and me catching up on some sewing and crochet projects that had fallen by the wayside.

My finished project to show this week is a birthday gift for my soon to be 2 year old niece Marlee (aka Moose).. here she is...
This is me and here when she was a little bubba...

and this is her at Christmas...
I wanted to make her something for her birthday rather than give her something so I decided to make her a Babushka doll...

Isn't she cute!!! I decided to make her more "handled" than round edges (easier for little hands to pick up and hold onto) I did her in a combination of reds and greens (although half way through the project I did stop and wonder if the colours were too "Christmasy" but I had already cut her out so I continued on)

I think her face is really sweet...

A scarf tied around the neck for a little "old granny" feel

Ta-dah! finished!

I hope she likes it! It is quite a big pattern so I do envisage it may be more decoration in her room than an everyday play thing but i also thought it would be good for little heads to use as a pillow...

In an effort to convince myself that the cold weather can be is a picture of a beautiful winter scene I found. Pity it doesn't get that winter beautiful here....

That's it for now...hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend wherever you are..


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sewing: Dress and Bloomers

Hi there folks... it is the most beautiful autumn day for Mothers Day today! The sun is shining and here in the mountains the trees have the most brilliant red, orange and yellow leaves. Apart from the cold, I absolutely LOVE living in the mountains, especially during Autumn, where it seems that everything is so full of colour.

On the creative side, I have been busy as always and have about 10 projects on the go at any one time. I just finished a cute little outfit, not sure who it is going to yet, but my niece Macie did a good job of modelling for me anyway!

It's a tiny bit big for her but you get the drift. It is a really sweet summer dress or could easily be worn in winter with a long sleeved shirt and tights underneath...

It didn't take alot of material, just 2 types and made in panels that are gathered to give it that "full" look so it doesn't just drop straight down.

What little girl dress would be complete without bloomers for the underneath! Maybe I am picky, but if a little girl still wearing a nappy has a dress on, she ABSOLUTELY has to have little bloomers over the top. Just tucks it all in nicely I say...

Of course a sweet little frill on the backseat adds an extra dimension of cuteness!

I am making some cute patchwork skirts at the moment with matching applique tops, so I will put those up when I am done. 

For some more cuteness!

I quickly made up these cute teddy bear ears headband for my neice...she obviously likes them!

She calls them her "tebby bears"...cute I say.

Hope it isn't too cold where you are this week are we slowly descend into winter...but then again, winter can be beautiful!

Enjoy your week!