Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crochet Trees!

What a busy week! It seems like this week has flown by and I haven't got much done...I'm sure we all feel like that from time to time! I do have some new creations to show you so I guess the week hasn't been entirely in vain!
Before I get to that I thought I would show you a few cute pics of my nieces Macie and Marlee enjoying the knitted balls. She LOVED playing with them. Soft enough for her little hands to squeeze and fun to push and roll.

Let's see how this one tastes!!

My other totally adorbs niece Marlee joined in to show her little cousin how it was done! Marlee immediately begin counting how many balls she had before graciously giving them all to her little cousin. 

I had to put this one in so you can see the GORGEOUS little fat rolls on her legs...

Ok. So enough "proud aunty" to my latest creations I managed to whip up this week. I sourced a pattern from the lovely Mamachee. They are totally adorable. 

Beautiful little tree rattles! I whipped up an orange tree, pine tree and an apple tree.
Cute aren't they!

Macie loved it...

They are fairly easy to make and look sooo cute.

Last night I decided to embark on writing a pattern for flower isn't finished yet but I will put up here when I have finished - hopefully sometime during the week.....

Have a brilliant week!!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bags of Knitted Fun!!

It is muggy and yucky weather once again but I don't care cause I have a ta-da!!!! to show you!! I posted a while ago about the knitted balls I had been making. I thought that they needed a cute little bag to go in to finish it off and make it a "whole" kind of thing...they were easy and quick to make and for the little effort, I am really quite pleased with the result....

A little embellishment on the front to match the balls on the inside..

Inspiration taken from the little boys at work who are constantly building "rockets" out of the duplo...

I think it looks so cute!!

Not forgetting the "blue one". I used quite a plain ribbon - in fact, it isn't even ribbon, it is a edging I use when making little hobby horses..

Makes a cute little gift don't you think???

What little one wouldn't love reaching into this little bag?

The knitted balls are the BEST for squeezy action!! The educator in me wants to point out that they help to develop children's muscles in their hands (which are needed for their grip - especially handling a pencil, using tongs, picking up items and so on....), great to teach concepts such as shapes, rolling, movement and to help with pre-concepts of catching and throwing.
Yep, so the education bit is the crafter in me wants to say "look how pretty!!!" Made using 100% Australian wool and 100% Merino. They are soooo soft to feel and hold. I just want to hold them all the time....
The passionate-about-history-in-me wants to say how perfect they are for children (and for looking at for big people!) and how such a simple item can be used in so many ways. There is no gaudy plastic in this toy! Easy to wash and not overboard.
Ok so my sales pitch is done. I'm sure you all like my little creations now!!!
(PS - don't give them to grown up husbands. They will take great delight in throwing them at you for no reason at all. They don't hurt at all - just annoying when you are trying to concentrate on something else important like Grey's Anatomy!)

so last item on the agenda....
My new material!!!!!! Sew Beautiful, which is a great new sewing shop in my town had the most beautiful material on sale for only $5 per metre  100% cotton and 100% linen!!! I am thinking cute little summer jumpsuits for bubba girls and maybe a matching little toy?? 

Once again I have so many ideas with so little time (darn this full time work business!!!)
A little sneak peak at my next project.....(one of the only times I will make and sell something that isn't my own pattern but they are so beautiful and originally from Alaska so I thought Aussie bubs needed some of these!! Tara graciously allows her work to be made and sold..gem isn't she!!)

Birdie rattles!!!! aren't they just lovely...
Beautiful aren't they???? Tree rattles (or can be made without the rattle)
Go to for more info and to see more of Tara's beautiful work.

Anyway....I'm sure you have all heard enough. Off to hit the books...

Much love!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Knits = Coziness....

I'm writing this post on my blog on a rainy Sunday afternoon...I am SOOOO glad it is raining...after a week of over 41 degree days, the cool weather is a very welcome relief. I love the feeling of being inside on a rainy day, being all cozy, sipping hot tea and enjoying my ever growing wool stash!
I thought I would post my latest projects...

Lovely little girl jumper for a friend whose daughter is having a bub...I have decided that I love red and pink together...

What's a girlie jumper without a little embellishment? 


I also started to make some cute little knitted balls. Perfect for babies to learn to handle or for toddlers that are finding ball skills a little hard to learn because they are scared of getting "hit" by the ball. The options are endless for size and colour! I thought I might make a little set (of about 4 or 5 in different sizes) and make a little drawstring calico bag to store them in - would make a perfect baby shower present or present for that new little baby. 

Continuing with my pink and red theme...

I started on a "boy" set last blues, greens and whites would be perfect I think...

The pink and red family together with the blue sneaking in...

That's it for me today, I have more to show you but who needs information overload????

Have a perfect week!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Overflowing Thankfulness!

I had been thinking over the last day or two what I was going to put on my blog today - I have a million things I could use and so many pictures to show you but I didn't want to go overboard...I was walking through our garden this afternoon trying to decide with my mind swimming (or maybe drowning!) in thoughts. I then suddenly realised how good blogging can be...inadvertently it helps me to focus on all the great things going on in life...the beautiful things, the wonder and inspiration I found around me as I go through what can sometimes be monotonous, everyday life. So, to that end, I thought I would show you a few things today that I am so thankful for...

These beautiful flowers hubby came back from Bunnings small yet so perfect!

These cute vintage blocks I bought yesterday when I was at the museum. They are just begging for chubby little hands to knock them over...

My new wool basket! It was originally an old potato basket but husband bought it for me today at a local antique shop to store all my wool which I have scattered everywhere! 

My almost-pieced together baby jumper..made from 4ply wool, it is so soft, yet so warm for a little one. Just needs sewing up and embellishing with some lovely flowers and it will be ready for it's ta-da moment!

So, as you can see, thankfulness and beauty can be found all around us, even when the rest of life is not quite so beautiful. I am determined to focus on that this week as I go about my busy life!

What can you be thankful for today??