Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vintage Kiddie Love!

We aren't talking about vintage children here (thanks goodness!) but vintage things for children! Husband and I were out and about today and we saw a sign that said 40% off! Of course we pulled in and had a little look..As I wandered through all of the treasures I mentally calculated what we could spend and justify! In the end, I didn't spend too much, but came home with these absolute gems...

1950's vintage horse and cart..lovely isnt it??? Just needs a little wood glue to get the inside of the wheel to sit straight and it will be in perfect condition!

I can't believe how good the condition is! I think it would look lovely sitting on a shelf in a child's bedroom..

I also bought this cute little Golli! I think he looks quite at home in his cart...

Two more vintage golden books... They are both in great condition and both from the late 60's era..

Love this one! Animals in cute little clothes are too cute to pass up!

On the crochet/knitting front....blanket edging is away for this week - it is too hot!!!! Unless I run the air conditioning full time, it is way too hot to complete the edging as I have to have it nearly on top of me to do it!  Baby love sweater is coming along nicely, I have made a few little alterations to the pattern to suit me better (I HATE picking up stitches so they went!) I'm hoping to have all the peices knitted this week so I can piece it all together next weekend. 

I also have some new patterns to try but have decided to have a "Knit Along" with my aunty - I am mailing her the yarn and pattern this week and we can knit the same thing together...I would love to have her here in person but she lives 6 hours away...:(

Anyway....husband is in the kitchen getting the roast ready and I am relaxing in the loungeroom...perfect for a Sunday afternoon!
Have a great week! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ecstatic Edging!!!!!!

Some say that I might need to get out a little more when they see how truly excited I am about how the edge of my crochet blanket is going. But I know you is exciting! I have been working on this for ages (in between all the other projects!) and now I am actually on the home stretch! Not long to go now and it will be time for me to say "ta-da"!!! (as my kids in my class say when they present truly wondrous playdough creations for my appraisal!) and present my new blanket.

But for now, a few edge pics for me to have a "mini ta-da" moment!

The edge will end up twice as thick as this with another few rows of different colour to finish it off. 

Now to all those critics who say I need to get out more! I have something for you!!!! I found this ad while flicking through the Womans Weekly and was instantly like "Yes. I am going."

Husband wasn't overly interested (even though he is normally into anything historic) but I am pumped. I love Edwardian history and also really love American pioneer history. I think this particular exhibition will also be particularly interesting as it focuses more around women in the day and time  and should surely include some of the handicrafts? I'm thinking historic embroidery. I'm so excited!
So to all those critics....Pfft!! Even though it might be to a museum and I may be going with my mother in law, I don't care!!! (in my defense, I know my sisters and friends wouldn't be interested....I'm not a lonely loser! hehe)

Thought I would also show you another of my loves...

My Janome! projects from this baby coming soon!

It's Friday night here...husband came home with Thai for dinner, so it was a cooking-free night for me. Perfect way to end a busy week. Enjoy your weekend!

Knit Baby Knit!

My most lovely sister in law bought me a baby knit pattern book for Christmas (the most perfect gift for me, but also adds years to my life in the instant excitement I feel about completing ALL the projects in my summer holidays = not possible!). I'm that kind of girl. It is either all in or all not. I throw myself wholeheartedly (sometimes a little toooooo much!) into every venture! But I did give myself a stern talking too and decided to just do one of the easy patterns and give it away. Perfect. A friend at work is going to be a grandmother soon so I thought I would whip up a lovely jumper for the little girl to be.

I don't know who is the mastermind behind some of the beautiful patterns but they are gorgeous!

Nice and simple part garter stitch part stocking stitch. I have used Lincraft "Lullaby" 4ply 100% wool. It knits up beautifully and feels light, yet will be warm for the little one. Nice and easy to wear! 

I love the simple feel!

The stitches around the raglan edge have turned out neat and tidy but also plain..Once I sew it all together I was thinking of crocheting a few little flowers or perhaps hearts and lining one raglan edge in a diagonal pattern. Have to wait and see! 

Hoping to finish it sometime over the next week.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Family and Crochet Love!

It has been a beautiful weekend! Filled with the simple pleasures of life that I love - family, children and the satisfaction that I am now onto my edging of my crochet blanket!!

My parents, sisters, husband and the kids spent Saturday at the river. It was lovely just lolling about in the water, watching the kids play and just enjoying each other's company. We had one slight scare when husband's wedding ring came off in the water. As the river was moving so fast, there was no hope he could find it. I was so disappointed, but just resigned myself to the fact that my husband would now be ring-less. However, being the determined man he is, he looked and looked and found it! Total fluke and miracle! Needless to say, it went straight into my bag.

The road on the way into the reserve

What is cuter than a little cherub enjoying splashing about!

My niece Macie enjoying the water. Isn't she adorable?

building sandcastles with mummy

I can do it myself!

My adorable niece Marlee! We call her Moose. Don't know why!

Once more...totally adorable!


Myself (on the left) and my two sisters. What could be better!

the blanket is really starting to take shape! The squares are all put together and I have started the edging (I think it will take me a while as I have visions of a thick band to go around the outside)

I have used Patons 100% wool for all three colours (will get the colours to you soon), although I do remember that the darker blue is called "Periwinkle" - I love that word!!! Needless to say, I will be working furiously over the next week or so to get the edging finished. Not that any blankets are needed at the moment with all the hot weather we have been having!

Today will be a "around the house" day...husband is servicing my car, groceries need doing and all the other not-so-exciting stuff!

If you have a chance....go to - it is such a nice blog with so many wonderful ideas!!!

Have a great Sunday wherever you are!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Simple Pleasures

I have now been back at work for a week and my busyness has been slowly inching up a notch each day! Between working full time, studying a full time course and doing everything else a full life involves, there doesn't seem like room for much else! But as we women all tend to do, we thrive on this kind of life and are able to squeeze the most out of each moment, enjoying the simple pleasures life can bring, along with the challenges and routines of each day.
Last weekend was like that for me. I was up to my eyeballs in assessments and what not for my current unit and to be honest, was feeling the pinch now that I didn't have those wonderful holiday days to lounge around and take it easy! We had a full weekend in the diary, so I took a deep breath and off we went! I think when we do that sometimes, the oh-so simple pleasures come along and bring a little sweetness for us to breathe in and just be thankful that we are alive...

Husband and I headed off to Bathurst to pick up a antique piece of furniture we had bought the weekend before. We do love going out there, the slower pace of a country town and the scenery is enough to transport me to a quieter time. We picked up our cabinet...

It is a 1920's food perfect condition. We bought it for our kitchen, but this current house doesn't have room for it! We have got it in the loungeroom for this stage and when we move, it will go into the kitchen there!

We absolutely love it!

When I was at the antique place, I was having a quick wander through and I spied some vintage books. I LOVE vintage books!!! They make me feel all warm and cosy and like everything is right with the world! It makes me long for a simpler time and takes me back to when I was a child. Anyway, the owner of the shop threw these books in for free seeing as though we had just spent a bit of money with him already..
aren't they lovely?????

One of my all time favourites!! It was in excellent condition

I hadn't seen this one before, but definitely a new favourite!

Aren't they lovely? I had just read the most wonderful post during the week about vintage books, over at Aesthetic Nest
If you haven't looked at this blog before, DO IT!!!! It will change your life! Anneliese has the most amazing tutorials, inspirations and ideas. 

To top off a wonderful weekend of simple pleasures, husband came into the house and handed me these..

He is a total green thumb and we have the most lovely garden. He grew these himself and aren't they beautiful!

Finally, the crochet blanket I am making is finally taking shape. I am sewing all the squares together and getting ready to start on the edging!
The colours are a little different on the computer but you can get the gist!!

slowly slowly!

That's it for now....must run or I will be dreadfully late for work!
Here's to the simple pleasures in life - hope you find some today!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Love this!

I saw this picture on the web somewhere (I'm sorry, I cant remember where and don't have the source) but I did save it so I could post it here. I thought it was very cute!

Hope it brightens your day!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hard to let Go!

I have a quandry. Not a real big one or even all that significant but a quandry nevertheless....Now I know it is nothing compared to the life changing decisions that we have each and every day but..this is a sentimental decision. You know the kind of ones that tug on your heartstrings and make you make silly little decisions that you just know are going to make you look like a total goose in the end. This has to do with a dress. Yes a dress!

It is not just your average dress, but my WEDDING dress..I am so sentimentally attached to it. This was the dress that I wore on the most important day of my life. The day that I waited for for what seems like a long time. The day that I got to be a princess and look as good as I will probably ever look in my life. And yes, I got to be the centre of attention and I loved each minute! (it sounds hollow but hey...I know everyone else felt the same!) dilemma I sell my dress? Do I keep it and save it for "sentimental sake"?????

Above shot was me being a total poser but I loved my dress so much and I was sooooo happy!

So, I have this idea. I am thinking of selling the dress (gulp..) and using the money to go towards buying a cot and other associated baby stuff for when we need it OR I could just let go, forget all the sentimentality and spend it on me (imagine all the wool I could buy!!!!!!!!!). Don't know if husband will go for the wool spend, but I have checked in and he thinks buying baby things is a good idea. I knew it. Always so sensible!

I'm sure that you are all telling me to get over it!!! 
Decision: Sell. Benefits: Cash, more room in the cupboard and the chance to make another girl happy.
Yep that's it. Dilemma for the day solved.

Hope it is dry wherever you are. My heart goes out to all that have lost so much in the floods. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Country Beauty

Today we decided to go on a little day trip to was a lovely day! We ended up buying a beautiful 1920's food safe which has been restored and will make a fabulous kitchen cabinet..(pics next week when we take the trailer out there to pick it up...Im so excited, I don't know how I will wait all week!!)
Just outside of Bathurst is a town called Hill End. It was in it's prime in the 1800's as a Gold Rush town and has now been preserved and is deemed a historic treasure by the government. It is so quiet (only about 60 residents these days), beautiful and such a beautiful way to look back on the life that was. We love going there, escaping from the hustle and bustle and just to enjoy being.
 Buildings were built simply and with character (or so we think!)

 We love wandering through the quiet and empty streets and admiring the buildings and properties built so long ago.

Beautiful aren't they??

On the car trip there and back I also got 24 squares done for my blanket! yipee! It will be finished in no time at all. Best thing is, we have to go back next Saturday to pick up our new cabinet so I will be able to get lots of crochet time in then too! (thank goodness for a husband that is always happy to drive!)

A quiet night in tonight will round off a perfect day. Hope wherever you are in the world, your day was just as great. If not, there is always tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Lovely Day at Home

My holidays are coming to an end (sniff sniff) and I have precious few days left. Today husband went back to work and I had nothing at all planned so I decided to have a nice quiet day at home. After spending most of the morning cleaning skirting boards, washing windows, cleaning the shower and vacuuming (I know you are all obscenely jealous of my thrilling life!) I decided to head out for a walk..I love walking in our local area...there is a lovely path I follow on the outskirts of our golf course which is so calm and are some pics I took today...

This is on the edge of our property..I know it is just a tree but I love it!
Where I head off the road onto my "nature path"
pretty isn't it??
this leads around the edge of the course..
the path gets a bit overgrown at times but I think that adds to the beauty..
these sunny little flowers are dotted along the path..

After my long walk I sat for a while! I made myself a nice cup of coffee, grabbed my latest crochet and an episode of "Little House on the Prairie" (my latest love..) and just relaxed..
I am making what seems like hundreds of these for a new blanket for the end of our bed..husband is happy for blue for our room so I have visions of blues, warm light browns and greys..this is the start!
slowly starting to piece it all together...

On another note, we are quite excited, husband today at work received a promotion AND a payrise! Such great news, we are having his favourite dinner to celebrate (baked dinner!) plus sticky date pudding and icecream for dessert...yum yum!